Tet comes , it is the moment when heaven and earth come into spring, everything changes. Intermingling hustling footsteps is the moment when we slow down, feel the season of transition and reflect on the past year.

2018 is about to close to welcome the Ky Hoi spring 2019, before the strong and sustainable development scale of APD company, many opportunities will be opened but there will be many difficulties and challenges in the new year. But we believe that with careful preparation, experienced staff and solidarity, we will overcome all challenges, move forward, successfully complete the plan.

In order to assert a pioneering position in the Project Development Consultancy, Property Management and Apartment and Office Rental Services, we need to constantly improve, improve management and improvement methods. technology, improve the working environment and improve to succeed.

We are a collective, the success of APD is also your success. Therefore, along with the development of the whole company to improve labor productivity, the central goal of the Board of Directors is to improve the spiritual and physical life for brothers and sisters. It is always the core and mission value of APD’s Board of Directors right from the beginning.

2019 is coming very close to love and aspiration. We will stand firmly together, join hands to build APD more and more strong, affirm our position and rise to new heights as the theme of the SPRING CONNECTION – SPRING HAPPINESS of the company leaders out.

On the occasion of New Year’s New Year, I wish you all a prosperous and prosperous new year, always full of joy, health and success.