What is fun near the airport?

We always mistakenly think that near the airport is not funny, but it is not like that, there are many fun things that we do not know, to introduce the introduction:

* Along Truong Son Street: This area has quite a lot of cafes and cafes, especially the Northern flavor dishes such as Pho, Bun bean shrimp paste, bun cha … you can walk here to eat and refresh . If the flight you have to wait a few hours, this road has a lot of places for you to stop, the price here is also very reasonable, ensuring cheaper in the airport a lot. If going to a group together, it is too reasonable to go outside to explore this area.

* CTPlaza: opposite the airport, want to go shopping, have shopping, on the 1st to 3rd floor, want to eat, then go to the 4-5 floor, or entertainment to watch movies right on the 10th floor.

* Superbowl Truong Son: this is the right place for those who love bowling because here is quite famous for playing this game. It is also possible to eat, dance and enjoy massage services …

* Food alley for flight attendants and airport staff: on the right hand side of the airport there is a filling station, next to the filling station is the alley 55. This alley is divided into 3 shifts and each shift then each different person sells but shares the same location. Morning shift: Selling noodles, coffee, bread, beef, fried noodles with beef … sundry snacks. Lunch shift: Selling ordinary rice, fresh coffee style. Evening shift: Sell grilled chicken feet, chicken, vermicelli, porridge, … drinks and beer. Saigon is a night life so evening shift is the most crowded and the night shift’s dishes are also the best. Particularly, I really like the grilled chicken leg and the Saigon beer. Oh, come to think of it again …

With the suggestions above I am sure that you will be comfortable exploring and trying out familiar things of Saigon. If you intend to travel to Saigon, booking a room thinking like a serviced apartment near the airport is also a good option to make it easy to move to the airport or go out, don’t forget #APDBuilding, 10 minutes walk from the airport, too close, right