What is the benefit of renting office near the airport?

Why should businesses rent offices near the airport? How are the benefits of renting offices near the airport?

As a nucleus in the Southern key economic region, TP. Ho Chi Minh City is the place with the most active commercial activities, leading the country in economic growth and attracting foreign investment.

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, located 8km north of the city center, is an important traffic hub in the South. Every year, the airport serves an average of 32.6 million passengers, and more than 600 thousand tons of goods.

The area around Tan Son Nhat Airport is a great business location, providing businesses with a range of attractive location and economic benefits. Especially import-export companies, travel companies, corporate services companies, hotel services and accommodation. When booking offices recently, businesses can benefit from the unique advantages of this area such as:

1. Central location

Ideally located, the office for rent near Tan Son Nhat airport has excellent connectivity to all routes. You can easily move into the center of District 1 via Truong Son – Nguyen Van Troi – Nam Ky Khoi Nghia route in just 20 minutes, or convenient transportation to Go Vap, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan and Thu Duc districts. Pham Van Dong street.

With a unique location and convenient transportation facilities, the rental of offices near the airport also increases the brand recognition of the business and provides many ideal business conditions.

2. Minimize travel time

This is probably the biggest advantage of placing an office near the airport. The specific location of the airport is easy to access, the office for rent near the airport provides optimal saving of time for you and your partner when moving or transporting from the airport to the office.

Moreover, for companies trading in the field of import and export, the import and export procedures need a lot of effort to go back and forth to the airport to solve. Placing an office near the airport will shorten the travel time, be more active at work.

Or for travel companies, the office near the airport can be a great stop after a long trip, providing customers with a temporary resting place during the check-in process. Your customers will not take too much time to travel from the airport to the office. The maximum savings of time will help customers choose instead of other units.

3. Great business environment

This area is home to many large companies as well as some important medium-sized companies. Here, you will easily reach partners for research, development, production, sales and distribution of services.

The area near the airport is surrounded by many public services and facilities. Convention centers and a variety of facilities such as shopping centers, banks, transaction offices … support effective business operations for businesses